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Are Man City the best team there has ever been?

best team

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There is a lot of evidence to suggest they might be.

They have reached 100 points in the Premier League – 5 more points than ever before.

They have the highest number of wins (32) – 2 more than ever before.

They have scored the most goals (106) – 3 more than ever before.

They have the biggest goal difference (79) – 8 more than ever before.

They have the biggest title winning margin (19) – 1 more than ever before.

Pretty compelling stats for arguing that they are indeed the best team the Premier League has ever seen, but are they the best team Europe has ever seen?

This might be more difficult to argue, given that it’s Liverpool in the Champion’s League final and not them, as they knocked Man City out of the competition in the quarter finals very convincingly, beating them at home and away.

In the group stages Man City were beaten by lowly Shakhtar Donetsk 2-1.

Although City did destroy an in-form Napoli at home and then even more profoundly away, which was no mean feat by anyone’s standards.

But apart from the Italian side they were never really tested this season against the big guns of Europe.

It’s my opinion that had they been put to the test then we might have seen them in a different light.

So perhaps the best team Europe has ever seen is the treble winning Barcelona side of 2009 – managed by none other than Pep Guardiola himself?

Yet that side only won 27 league games, their goal difference only 70, the title winning margin only 9, and they scored only 105 goals – all of which were bettered by Man City this season and there is a very strong case to argue that the Premier League in 2018: with Chelsea, Man Utd, Tottenham and Liverpool is much tougher than La Liga in 2009.

So maybe Man City ARE the best side the world has ever seen?

Or maybe not.

Can we really give the crown of the best team ever to a team that got knocked out of the FA Cup in the 5th round by a League One side?

Doubtless, they are a fantastic team and Pep is an incredible tactician who brings a brand of football that makes it very difficult for teams to play against.

But in terms of records, I think it has been helped by some teams just falling apart against them early on in the season, namely Watford, Crystal Palace, Stoke, Swansea and Bournemouth – all of which let in 4 goals or more.

Perhaps we should take a look at the squad more closely to see if they have the best players in the league or indeed Europe.

Kane and Salah would be preferred strikers for most people over Aguero (not to mention Messi and Ronaldo).

I think I’d take Leicester’s Mahrez over Sterling on the wing.

De Gea has been far and away the best goal keeper this season.

It’s tough to think of someone has been better as a right-back this season than Kyle Walker and I’m certainly looking forward to watching him play in Russia in the summer should he get picked on Wednesday.

But is he as good as Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich) or Dani Carvajal (Real Madrid)?

Maybe not.

Probably Man City’s most impressive player this season has been Kevin De Bruyne – his hammer shots from outside the area have been very memorable. He’s also yet another player with bags of talent that had to escape Mourinho to properly shine in the game. And it does look like statistically he stacks up against the best midfielders in Europe and comes out on top.

Perhaps Belgium could be a decent outside bet for the World Cup this year.

best team

One thing is for sure, there is at least one team member that most definitely comes out on top and would be the sought after first choice for any of the top teams in Europe and that’s Josep Guardiola himself.

Pep’s possession football dominates games and has created some spectacular games to watch. This is Pep’s brand of football that he developed at Barcelona and has honed to perfection with City. He is undeniably a brilliant manager and his tactical knowledge is at the highest level.

But is he as good as Klopp?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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