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Colossus Pick 6 Winner Review

Weekly Winners

After another weekend of pools hosted by Colossus Bets, there was a notable big winner in our Pick 6 pool. It was a weekend to remember for this solo player as the full-time whistle blew at the San Siro. The 1-1 result meant that this player managed to turn £12 into an eye-watering £282,694. It could have been even higher without Cash Outs as the final dividend reached £909,091. Despite the final outcome, this player managed their risk well during the 6 legs.

Mahrez To the Rescue

It could have been so different had Mahrez not netted in the 91st minute to secure Leicester a 2-0 victory over Watford. The Algerians goal coupled with the score draw at the Olympic stadium and United’s 1-0 triumph over Burnley advanced this ticket into the 4th leg with a healthy Cash Out offer on the table.

Decisions, Decisions ?

Before the Sheffield Wednesday vs Cardiff game kicked off, the cash out offer was at £7,510.10. Unable to risk walking away with nothing this player cashed out 50% of their ticket for £3,755. It proved to be the wrong decision as a dull affair at Hillsborough ended scoreless advancing the ticket to the 5th leg on Sunday. This lead to another Cash Out offer of £15,226 for 50% of the ticket. The decision was made early Sunday morning with 20% sold for £6,090 leaving the final 30% of the ticket for the remaining legs.

The £250k Goal


With just under £10k in the bank from Cash Outs, a close fought scrappy 1-1 draw between Southampton and Tottenham advanced this ticket to the final leg of our Pick 6 pool. The remaining cash out offer was ignored as the final fixture between Inter Milan and Roma kicked off. With only 1-1 covered it would have been a nail-biting final 10 minutes for this punter. Roma led 1-0 before Uruguayan forward Matias Vecino netted in the 86th minute to secure the final leg of the Pick 6 pool and deliver this very happy player a juicy £280k+ win.


Near misses can still result in great wins!

Remember, if you hit the crossbar with one of your tickets, our Consolation prizes can still pay very handsome returns. Read about one customer’s Pick 4 Rollover ticket that returned over £1,000 from a 40p stake.


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