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Colossus Syndicates

How to join a Syndicate

Joining a Syndicate means that you are investing in the selections that were put together by another player (The Captain).

The amount you win is dependant on how much you invest.

  • Invest £2.40 in a £24.00 Syndicate; you own 10% of any cash outs and dividends
  • Invest £6.00 in a £120.00 Syndicate; you own 5% of any cash outs and dividends


Create a Syndicate Profile

Log onto your Colossus Account and go to Syndicates.

If you have have not yet created your Syndicate account, you can create your profile by selecting Create.

Syndicate create



From here, you need simply enter your Nickname.

You can customise your Syndicate captain profile by clicking on the image. This will bring up the catalogue of possible Syndicate captain profile pictures.

Add your twitter account at the same time. Twitter is an excellent way for promoting your syndicates.

Syndicate Create


Clicking on Create Captain Profile will then create your very own Syndicate profile.

You can now create your own Syndicate tickets and join other Syndicates.


Joining a Syndicate

Select Syndicates.

Select the Syndicate from the listing which you want to join.

You can filter the Syndicate by pool type or sort the list of Syndicates.

Syndicate FiltersSyndicate Sort



Choose How Much to Invest

Once you found one you like, decide how much you want to invest.

You can invest as little £0.20.

Enter your stake and then confirm your contribution by pressing Confirm.

Syndicate Contribute


Be Social

You can follow the Captain and they will appear on your following list on your Syndicate profile.

You can let others know about the Syndicate that you have joined by sharing your contribution on Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp.

By letting others know, it helps the syndicate fill.

Syndicate Share


Track the Syndicate

The Syndicate will now appear in your ‘My Tickets’ page, where you can see the progress of the Syndicate filling up.

You can also, choose to contribute more or share it to remind twitter followers that you are in the Syndicate.


When the Pool Kicks Off

If the Syndicate is not filled when the pool kicks off, your contributions towards the Syndicate are automatically refunded into your account.

Once in-play, you will be able to see any Cash Out offer. But it is the Captain’s responsibility to decide how much to take.

All the information you need will appear on your ticket and any cash-outs are listed and any cash-outs and dividends are immediately deposited into your account as they happen.


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