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Colossus Syndicates

Colossus Syndicates – Player Guide

Colossus Syndicates how to play Guide

Become a Syndicate Captain today!

Colossus Bets have launched our new product- Colossus Syndicates and it’s great!

We’re here to give you a guide to how to play Colossus Syndicates and answer all of those questions you have about it!

Syndicates FAQ

What is Colossus Syndicates?

Play together in teams to bet smaller stakes and to increase your chances of winning.

What is a Syndicate?

A Syndicate is a group of individuals who play together to increase their chance of winning.

Why Create a Syndicate?

  1. Stake larger tickets to increase your chances of winning!
  2. Quickly share your ticket with friends on Twitter and WhatsApp by using the ‘click to share’ button
  3. You have control over Cash Out!
  4. All easily managed in one place

Syndicate Share


Why Join a Colossus Syndicate?

  1. Increase your probability of winning
  2. Choose which tickets to join
  3. Benefit from the knowledge of other players

What happens if the Syndicate isn’t filled?

This ticket will only be placed if it is fully funded when the first fixture in the pool starts. All contributions shall be refunded if the ticket is not fully funded.

Min and Max contributions when creating

  • The Syndicate Captain has to purchase at least 10% of each of their Syndicates.
  • Syndicate Captains and normal players can purchase up to 50% of a Syndicate.

Syndicate Captains Control

  • Which pools to play and what selections to make
  • When to Cash Out on behalf of the Syndicate


Quick Guide –  Creating a Syndicate

  1. Start by logging in or registering for new users
  2. Navigate to ‘Syndicates’
  3. Next create your Syndicate Captain Profile by clicking ‘Create’
  4. Then click ‘Create Syndicate’ and choose which pool you want to play
  5. Now make your selections and click ‘Next’
  6. Give your Syndicate a name and choose your stake. You can purchase between 10-50%. Use the (Min) and (Max) contributions as a guide.
  7. Click ‘Confirm’ to finish creating your Syndicate.
  8. Share your Syndicate reference code directly or via Twitter/Facebook/Whatsapp by using ‘click to share’
  9. You will need to get enough people to fully fund the Syndicate before it goes into play (placed).
  10. Monitor the progress of your Syndicate on your Syndicate Captain or Tickets page
  11. Once your Syndicate is full, look out for Cash Out offers!
  12. To Cash Out you will need to click the ‘Cash Out’ button on your Syndicate Ticket.   (Remember) – As Syndicate Captain you control Cash Out on behalf of your Syndicate.
  13. Once you click ‘Cash Out’ you will be given the opportunity to partially Cash Out. Decide how much you want to Cash Out and click ‘Cash Out’
  14. Congratulations – you can now see your share of the Cash Out under ‘My Share’
  15. Repeat the process to win more money!


Quick Join

  1. Start by logging in or registering for new users
  2. Next click ‘Syndicates” to see a full list of Syndicates you can join
  3. Filter the Syndicates by pool types
  4. Order your Syndicates by funded percentage, number of contributions, total cost or starting soon
  5. Click on a Syndicate to view the selections the Captain made.
  6. Enter your stake to join the Syndicate. You can enter a stake anywhere between the (min) and (max) contributions shown.
  7. Click ‘confirm’ once you are happy.
  8. You will see the Syndicate reference code. You can use this code to invite people to join the Syndicate to fill it directly. Or share on Twitter/Facebook/Whatsapp using the ‘click to share button’.
  9. Make sure you click ‘follow’ to see the progress of the Syndicate on the ‘My Captains page’. You will need to create a profile which takes seconds
  10. Once the ticket has been fully funded your Syndicate is in Play.
  11. If your Syndicate gets a Cash Out offer you can see this on the Ticket page.
  12. Remember your Syndicate Captain has control over Cash Out. If the Captain decides to Cash Out – you will see your share under ‘My Share’.
  13. Join more Syndicates or create your own and lead your Syndicate to glory.


Now you know

Now that you’ve had a run down of Colossus Syndicates, you can get involved with the fun HERE.

If you have any more questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be more than happier to help you out.

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