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Russia 2018

The World Cup is days away people! For Russia 2018 there will be numerous Pick 15, Pick 6 and Colossus pools throughout the whole competition, and we hope to have some HUGE winners stories. Consider this week’s blog a warm up, as we finally move onto top quality international football for a month!

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TwoPoundPunt’s Syndicate Scoops £5,580

International warm ups can be hard to predict! Are the players concerned with winning? Are they going to put maximum effort in? Most probably not, but the favourites can still get the job done. Belgium, England and Croatia all won as expected with Belarus v Hungary ending in a predictable 1-1 draw.  Captain TwoPoundPunt had covered all the former three teams’ winning margins and the latter draw. This sccoped his Syndicate a prize of £5,580, a return of 33x investment for his followers.

Russia 2018

FSG Also Wins over £1,750!

Regular Syndicate captain FSG played this pool also, with a smaller Syndicate cost at £27. He made the most of his limited selections, getting a nice green square in all four legs of the ticket. His dividend and prior 40% cash out took his Syndicate’s winnings to a cool £1,751 to be shared amongst his Syndicate! 

Russia 2018

Solo Ticket Picks Up £2628

In the same pool as the above, there is not much else to be said: This Football Pools player absolutely nailed the selections. All from a one liner! Fantastic stuff.

Russia 2018


Over £1,600 In Consolations Feels Like A Winner!

This ticket ‘failed’ in the second leg, with Ceara v Palmeiras over in Brazil ending in a AOD (Any Other Draw), which is always difficult to call! Another AOD landed in Brazil in the Botafogo game. Two AODs can be a bit of a unit buster, so with one correctly predicted and the other two selections coming in, this player was able to win £1,606 in consolations! 


All Green In The BTTS Pick 10

Our Pick 10 BTTS pools offer nice alternatives to those seeking more of a chance to win. The jackpot is smaller, but we frequently see one liners go all the way such as this one below. A cool £1484 in the bag. Not too shabby. 

Russia 2018


Another Consolation Scoop

This Pick 4 ticket failed to predict France drawing 1-1 with the USA, and who could blame them! Nonetheless, they predicted Brazil keeping a clean sheet and cruising to a 3-0 victory over Austria and Spain edging past Tunisia 1-0, while there was a 0-0 draw over in Sweden. They failed to get 4 correct scores but still came away with £1,143. Colossus consolations can make your losing ticket feel like winners! 

Russia 2018


That is all for now people, roll on Russia 2018 and hopefully some huge winners to tell you about. 


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