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Colossus Winners

Colossus World Cup Winners – Another Win For TPP.

World Cup Winners

We are nearly two weeks into the World Cup and it hasn’t exactly been kind to punters! Mexico beat Germany, Argentina have been hopeless and Brazil drew their opening game. While the likes of Japan and Senegal have put themselves in good stead so far. It is almost impossible to see a favourite to be World Cup Winners. Nonetheless, in the past seven days, we have had some large winning figures! Here they are.

TPP’s Syndicate Wins Big – again!

Sometime’s when you look at a ticket with the benefit of hindsight it looks so easy! TPP correctly predicts two hammerings from Belgium and England, alongside two tight affairs between Germany v Sweden and South Korea v Mexico. These scores netted his Syndicate a cool £3,736.

World Cup Winners


£8,000… In Consolations!

This punter played a £2 ticket into this Pick 6, with his first leg failing, perhaps they then lost interest… Because with no Cash Outs, they got 4/6 selections correct to win a whopping £8,397.


Pick 3 Rollovers aren’t featured as regularly as Pick 4s, but just take a look at this nice one liner, it speaks for itself!

World Cup Winners


This Betfair punter did not predict Croatia beating Argentina 3-0 on his FreePlay ticket… Not many people did! What they did do is go on to get 4/6 correct, netting £839 off a free bet. So when you see that little FreePlay notification, it can be worth those few seconds it takes to place them!

World Cup Winners

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