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French Open 2018 – How to play our Tennis Set Betting Pools

It’s that time of the year again. Another tennis Grand Slam is upon us, and this time it is the 2018 French Open. Last year’s winner and king of the clay, Rafael Nadal, goes after an incredible 11th Roland Garros title and arrives in fine form having last week taken an eighth Italian Open after defeating Zverev in 3 sets.

The good news is that our tennis ‘Set Betting’ pools get underway from Sunday. Here’s a quick refresher on how they work!

Men’s Correct Score Set Betting:

Australian Open


For the Men, Colossus Bets will be running Pick 4 Set Betting pools (£2,000 jackpot) and Pick 6 Set Betting pools (£4,000) jackpot. Like a Correct Score pool for football, you will have the task to predict the set score of each match, be it 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 in sets to the designated ‘home’ player or the other way round for the designated ‘away’ player.

This is a Pick 6 pool, and Leg 1 has been selected as 3-2, indicating that this player believes Cilic shall win the match with three sets opposed to his opponents two. The next 4 Legs have been selected as 3-1, and the final as 3-2.

If all six of these selections come in, then the player has won the jackpot, which shall either be solely theirs or shared according to how many other people have won the jackpot!

Women’s Correct Score Set Betting:

Australian Open

Women’s correct score betting works in the exact same way, simply choose which set score you believe it shall be won by and by which player.

Like in our football Correct Score pools, this example shows how you have the option to cover multiple scorelines for each match. This will also increase the price of your ticket according to how many extra selections you cover.

You can also play for smaller stakes per line or ‘fractional stakes’, as you can see in this image the player has used £1 lines, which is half of a full £2.00 unit stake thus the jackpot is halved. For a greater explanation of this, please click here.

And as with all the pools at Colossus Bets, there will be consolations for those who come close, and any time there is a stoppage in play, you will be offered the opportunity to Cash Out or partially Cash Out your ticket.

French Open Syndicates

Fancy increasing your chances of winning? Syndicates shall be running for Set Betting pools, where you can cover multiple results and crowd fund your bet, with everyone owning a percentage of the Syndicate according to what they have staked.

Any dividend is shared between the Syndicate! For detailed explanations on joining Syndicates, creating them & a punter’s review please see these three links below:

Joining a Syndicate

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