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Tennis – How To Play Set Betting Pools

The tennis season is getting into full swing with the French Open and Wimbledon fast approaching.

In May Rafael Nadal and Simona Halep will attempt to defend their titles at Roland Garros, with Nadal aiming to win his 12th title in France.

Then, a month later, the eyes of the tennis world move to London as Novak Djokovic and Angelique Kerber begin their own title defences at Wimbledon.

If you fancy a flutter on the action, then why not try one of Colossus’ Set Betting pools? Here’s a quick refresher on how they work.


What is Set Betting?

Set Betting is to tennis what Correct Score betting is to football, you are essentially predicting who will win the match and what the final set score will be.


How do I play?

Once you have opened the pool, you will be presented with a list of matches and the possible outcomes

Bear in mind that in the four tennis majors (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open) men play to three sets and women play to two, so there will be more possible outcomes underneath the men’s matches.

Next you make your predictions. You can make a single prediction in each match or make multiple predicitions. Be wary though as the more selections you make the more your total stake will cost.

The total stake will be visible on screen as you add more selections, giving you an indication as to how much the ticket will cost. If you wish to reduce your stake, you can either remove selections or reduce your stake.

Keep in mind though that if you reduce your stake, you will also reduce the pool prize that you are playing for. For further information on this, click here.


Consolation Prizes

As with all pools at Colossus, we reward our players for near misses. Depending on the size and number of legs in a Set Betting pool, you might receive a smaller payout for only getting one or two selections wrong. The details of this will be displayed when you enter the pool.


Cash Out

Set Betting pools also offer Cash Out opportunities to players who already have winning legs in the bank and wish to settle for a partial payout before the bet is completed. Keep an eye out for these opportunities as you will be made Cash Out offers during breaks in play as well as between legs.



If you are new to Set Betting or simply want to experience the joys of social betting in a group, then why not join a Syndicate? Colossus Syndicates are a form of crowdfunded betting where a Syndicate Captain will create a ticket which other players can buy a stake in. For extensive information on Syndicates and Captains, click here


For further information on Set Betting, alternative pool types or any other questions that you might have, be sure to check our extensive help centre.


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