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James’ 5 Potential World Cup Villains


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Luis Suarez (Uruguay)

Luis Suarez is likely to be one of the main villains of this world cup and he certainly has form. Does anyone remember the match against Ghana where Suarez saved a certain goal by forgetting he wasn’t the goal keeper? He didn’t forget? You mean he knew he couldn’t touch the ball with his hands and deliberately cheated? Surely not. It worked too, because Ghana missed the penalty and Uruguay went through to the semi-finals. At least Luis did get a red card and missed the game against the Netherlands which they lost – some small Karma.

But that’s not all that Luis Suarez forgets. Sometimes he forgets he’s playing football at all and thinks he’s having lunch. He had a little nibble on Otman Bakkal and was suspended for seven games in 2010. In 2013 he got hungry again in a match and fancied a little bite out of Branislav Ivanovic’s arm, which subsequently got him a 10 match ban.

One thing is for sure – there will be one entire nation of Africans who will not be cheering him on. My prediction is he will be spreading his signature brand of resentment further around the globe in this tournament.


Neymar (Brazil)

Neymar will be a villain to many because it’s very likely he might be the player that puts your team out of the World Cup. He’s without doubt one of the most talented players in the Brazil squad.

But his special talent that puts him in this list is his ability to fly. I don’t know if he can actually fly but on the pitch he will certainly give it a go if an opponent’s foot comes within three yards of his leg whilst he’s dribbling – especially in the area. I don’t know why he’s particularly prone to attempting his flying skills within the box – it’s almost as if the box gives him his special flying powers. Anyway, another couple of decent request a bet options could be – Neymar gets sent off for diving or Neymar wins a decisive penalty that is a blatant dive on the replay.


Sergio Busquets (Spain)

Sergio is what can only be described as an out and out cheat. To say he dives is the absolute understatement of the century. I waved to my mate in the crowd whilst watching Barcelona and Sergio hit the ground holding his face – the match hadn’t even started. His cabinet must be absolutely crammed to the brim with acting awards.

Does anyone remember that Champion’s League game against Milan where he took a dive, holding his face in pain, but couldn’t stop himself from taking a sneaky peak between his fingers to see if the ref had given it? We can expect some guaranteed antics from Busquets and depending on which way those decisions go will depend on whether he is the biggest villain of the tournament.


Gareth Southgate (England)

Let’s face it – no England manager gets to take England to the world cup and escape being the villain. Bad formations will be played. Terrible substitutions only three minutes from time in must win matches will be made. Already some questionable call ups have happened.

It’s a virtual certainty that England will exit the World Cup early and when that happens everyone’s blame will first be targeted at Southgate. Then the FA. Then scheduling. Then the number of foreign players in the Premier League. Then the squad. Then the fans. Then cats etc etc.



VAR may well be the true villain of the World Cup this year – or perhaps for some teams it may be the saviour. But for the average fan, VAR has so far been a bit of an annoyance. We want to watch football, not a referee walking around for five minutes talking into his ear piece. There may be instances where we want to see VAR – let’s say England have seemingly scored but Suarez grabs the ball with his hands, just as it crossed the line, and walks off with it before taking a bite out of the referee’s face – VAR please.

We don’t want to see VAR though to check every goal is valid or every foul a yellow card. Without doubt VAR must be used sparingly for football fans to embrace it at all, because the fast action, and perhaps even the controversy, is what makes football the most popular sport in the world. I will be saddened to see perfectly good goals ruled out because the hair on the striker’s nose was just ahead of the defender when the ball was deemed to be played.


Over £50m of jackpots up for grabs across Russia 2018 Image result for 18+ symbol

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