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James Davis’ Pick 15 Preview

Madrid v Liverpool

The Champions League final (Real Madrid v Liverpool) is this weekend, and is in this weeks Pick 15. Alongside it, we have an array of fixtures across different leagues! 


The syndicate “Jim’s Pick 15 Banker” will always be going for the Jackpot of £800K with a maximum of 32 lines (£64 stake) – giving us a minimum of 12,500 X stake when we win!

Getafe and Bordeaux were the nailed on bankers from last week and both of them came in again.

We were very hard done to last week as we got 9 games right in a row and had Real Madrid held onto their 2-0 lead after 70 minutes or had the common decency to actually lose the game when they started to throw it away then it would have been 10.

If Real Betis had held onto their 1-0 lead when Leganes had gone down to 10 men then it would have been 12 (because we also got the first game too).

After 12 games in a row we would have had a nice cashout to consider and then laugh in the face of.
Anyway onto this week…
This week there is only 1 banker and even that goes against the bookies.

AIK Fotboll v Norrkoping

Currently in the table they are very closely matched but it’s only the beginning of the season. Last season AIK finished 2nd and Norrkoping only 6th, so that’s gives you a better idea of the expected result. AIK have home advantage too, but Norrkoping’s current form can’t be ignored, having won the last four on the bounce, so I will cover the draw too.

Selection HOME DRAW

Valerenga v Lillestrom

This Norwegian fixture is very hard to predict. Both teams have a mixed record in terms of form, although Valerenga are higher in the league. They also finished just above Lillestrom last season, but not by much. So again with home advantage and league position in Valerenga’s favour I will back them, but will cover the draw too as it’s very close and Lillestrom had more draws than wins last season.

Selection HOME DRAW

Aston Villa v Fulham

With so much at stake this game will be fought to the death. Fulham are favourites and probably rightly so as Aston Villa didn’t look very convincing against Middlesbrough. But both teams are playing great football on the right day and it could swing either way. I will cover home and away again as surely I can’t be shot in the foot for a third time.

Selection HOME AWAY

Ostersunds v Hacken

It looks like this week Colossus aren’t feeling so generous. Last season both teams had almost the same number of home and away wins and finished 4th and 5th. Hacken are a single point above Ostersunds in the current season, so this couldn’t be closer. For that reason I’m going to gamble on a draw.

Selection DRAW

Real Madrid v Liverpool

And now to the exciting Champion’s League final. My brain is saying Real Madrid, but my heart is saying Liverpool. I think I have to back home and away here and hope these two scoring powerhouses don’t give us another 5-5 draw.

Selection HOME AWAY

Kalmar v Hammarby

On paper these teams are very closely matched. Head to Head stats over the past 30 matches – both teams have 8 wins each and 6 of them at home. This season though Hammarby are going all guns blazing and look to finish much higher than last season’s 9th. I have some strong reservations as the stats suggest home advantage will play a big part, but I’m going to go with the form and the odds on favourites and back an away win.

Selection AWAY

GIF Sundsvall v Goteborg

Last season Sundsvall only managed 3 home wins and Goteborg weren’t far in front with 4. Currently this season Goteborg are a single point ahead again so we’re looking at yet another very tight game. I’m going to take another punt at a draw as both teams last season managed more draws than wins.

Selection DRAW

Parana Club v Atletico PR

Parana club are having a terrible start to the season having lost all 6 games and Atletico aren’t doing much better. Parana club however have just come up from Serie B and Atletico finished mid-table in Serie a last season so should be able to take this quite easily.

Selection AWAY

Haugesund v Tromso

Wow, Colossus have decided to get tough this week as this is another really difficult choice. Last season they finished 10th and 11th and this season they are separated by a single point again. I have to go with home advantage as the only real clue.

Selection HOME

Odd v Kristiansund

I’m not going to keep saying it – you can judge for yourselves. These teams finished 6th and 7th last season and this season are currently positioned 9th and 10th. If Odd were playing away then I would back the draw, but I’m hoping again that home advantage will win. There’s an old saying in football gambling – if you’re unsure, back the home win.

Selection HOME

FK Bodo/Glimt v Ranheim

Finally a fixture that looks a little simpler – I’m just kidding. Ranheim are riding high this season and look to be favourites at first glance. Both of these teams came up from division 1 though and although Bodo/Glimt seem to be struggling they did finish top of the league pretty convincingly. They are at home too and the bookies favourites. It’s hard to ignore Ranheim’s form though as they defeated Molde (who finished 2nd last season) 3-1 and their last 4 games have been huge victories.

Selection AWAY

Rosenborg v Brann

Brann are topping the league this season but Rosenborg were winners last season and are at home so should come away with the spoils with relative ease.

Selection HOME

Santos v Cruzeiro

Yet another close one. Santos finished 3rd last season and Cruzeiro 5th. They drew 1-1 last time they played and there won’t be much in it again this time I shouldn’t think. This is probably another decent fixture to pick out a draw which has been the result twice in the last four games between them.

Selection DRAW

International v Corinthians

I think the bookies may have the wrong people looking at this game, but we’ll wait and see. Corinthians won Serie A last season and International came up from Serie B. Corinthians are much higher in the league this season also. This all points to an away win pretty clearly. So unless half the team have been shot and I don’t know about it this is an away banker.

Selection AWAY

Turkey v Iran

I think I’m going mad for draws this week, but this looks like another good opportunity to me. It’s selecting the draws at the right time that get you the big bucks on the Pick 15 anyway. Iran have been playing quite well, winning 4 out of the last 5 friendlies against uninspiring opposition. Turkey lost to Albania recently, yet they are still favourites to win. I think Iran can hold them with neither team risking too much as it’s only a friendly.

Selection DRAW


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