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Another week, another massive winner

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Now picture the scene it’s, 2.59pm on a Saturday, the TV is on, I have my tablet in hand, the dog snoring and I’m looking at all my Colossus tickets. I’m flicking from one ticket to the other and they all look good to me, there are bankers galore so surely this is the week that FSG hits the jackpot and goes to the top of the Colossus leaderboard! I have my eyes firmly set on that leaderboard top spot…

I have been on Colossus for maybe 6 months or so now. As I’m sure many of you know who follow me on Twitter I am certainly no expert when it comes to betting, but I only bet small amounts and what I can afford. I love it and, as long as you are enjoying it and betting within your comfort zone, I think its all good. So, by interacting with other Captians or players who just like to join tickets, you get to see their efforts and cheer them on when they are winning big money or close to hitting a home run!


So what advice would I give to new captains and players on Colossus?

Well we can all dream of being one of the super captains like InPlayMan, BBTipster or TwoPoundPunt where they often put up and sell out £500+ Syndicates, but unless you have a very large number followers/friends or you have been hitting some big winners, you might struggle to sell out. I found the sizing of  my ticket important, start off small hopefully get some good results and regular followers, then gradually build bigger tickets which have more selections, increasing your chance of winning one of those Big Jackpots!

When you do win, whether it’s £50 on a Pick 5 or £80,000 on a Pick 15, take a screenshot, put it out on Twitter, then tag friends and Colossus, so everyone can join in your celebrations!

Switch on notifications on Twitter for Colossus, because every so often they give away FreePlay tickets for the next hour or have a £10 giveaway for picking the 1st goalscorer and minute in a match, this is free and takes 1 min to play!

Anyway, those are just a few little tips from me, @fucksakegraham and as I always say, bet fun, bet what you can afford and bet for enjoyment. So good luck and remember if you win one of the Big Jackpots let me know, because although I will be jealous, I’ll be very happy for you and all your Syndicate members!




Visit Colossus to play our lotto-sized Jackpots

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