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NFL Pick 7 Pool Preview – Week 5

  • Liz

This week’s NFL Pick 7 preview comes courtesy of NFLGirlUK in a pool that features some fascinating clashes.

Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals

This Sunday the Bills head to the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati to face the Bengals in their second consecutive road game – which is always tough. In Pre-season when the Bills traded away their star wide receiver Sammy Watkins, and their star cornerback Ronald Darby, many of us were confused as to what this meant for the future success of the team. However, right now they are 3-1 and stand at the top of their division. The Bengals had a difficult start to the season but are starting to turn things around. They played brilliantly against the Packers in week three, and they beat the Browns 31-7 last week so there’s hope in the team to do well at home against Bills. QB Andy Dalton will be feeling confident after throwing for 286 yards and four touchdowns in the win against Browns. The team has also only allowed for 109 rushing yards in the past two games so I anticipate the Bills will find themselves in a tough position if they’re not careful. It will be a tough game for both sides but I see the Bills taking the win in this one. Bills: 1-6, 7-12.

Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions

The Panthers hit the road to Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, to face the Detroit Lions in what many are calling a potential NFC playoff preview. The Panthers are 3-1, and second in their division but they are missing their Tight End Greg Olsen who is on injury reserve with a broken foot. Right now, the Panthers are feeling confident from a great win against the New England Patriots last week. The Lions too are 3-1 and are the leaders in their division. Their defense is carrying the team and is strong when it comes to stopping their opponents, allowing more possession time for Matt Stafford and the offense. I’ve always had love for the Lions anyway, calling them my second team and after the recent comments from Cam Newton to a female reporter during a press conference, I hope more than ever to see the Lions tear the Panthers apart in this game. Lions: 7-12, 13-18


NY Jets at Cleveland Browns

The Browns have yet to win a game so far this season, but they’re working on rebuilding the team. The Jets however are 2-2 having followed up their consecutive road losses with back to back wins at home against Dolphins and Jaguars. This week they hit the road again as they head to the FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Although the game is expected to be close, the Jets are in a great position to extend their lead. They currently hold an average running game of 4.9 yards per carry, and players Powell and McGuire together have a combined 391 in rushing yards and three touchdowns off 72 carries. With the strength in Browns’ defense, I expect the game will be close but at the end of the day, I see Jets taking the victory. Jets: 1-6, Browns: 1-6


Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are leading in the NFC East having won three of their games so far but there is a lot of question as to whether they can keep the momentum going when the Cardinals arrive at Lincoln Field in Philadelphia this weekend. The Cardinals offense has suffered since losing their star running back David Johnson to a wrist injury last month and it’s key that Carson Palmer cuts down on his turnovers this week when they face the Eagles. Their defense seems a bit hit and miss right now, when they’re good they’re good but when they’re bad, they’re awful! For the Eagles, Wentz is progressing well in his second year and the recent additions of Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery have certainly helped but it’s important to establish a powerful rushing attack through running back LaGarrette Blount who in his game against the LA Chargers rushed for 136 yards on 16 carries. It won’t be a one-sided game but I’m confident the Eagles will take this one. Eagles: 1-6, 7-12


Seattle Seahawks at L.A. Rams

The Rams are looking great this season and currently stand 3-1 at the top of the NFC West division, and this week the Seahawks head to Los Angeles to face them. The Rams have seen a huge turnaround from being the worst offense in the league last season to now being the best. I believe this success comes from the change in management, thanks to the hire of Sean McVay, a former Offensive Co-ordinator for the Washington Redskins, who was hired as their Head Coach. As for the Seahawks, they’ve not been their usual championship-side team. If the first half of Sunday’s game against the Colts they were down by 5 points but the pep-talk in the locker room must have been the motivation and inspiration they needed as they went on to win 46-18. They did face some injuries in this game which could be a problem when they head to LA. I’m a huge fan of the Seahawks and as much as I’d love to say they’ll win this, I’m also realistic. Seahawks don’t perform as well when they’re on the road and I have a feeling the Rams will dominate and win the game with ease. Rams: 1-6, 7-12.


Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys

This weekend the Green Bay Packers are heading to the AT&T Stadium in Arlington,Texas, to face the Dallas Cowboy in what is one of the most anticipated match-ups of the 2017 regular season! The Packers last played on Thursday so have extra time to recuperate, however, they’re suffering key team injuries having lost their best running backs, Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery. Wide receiver Davante Adams also suffered a nasty headshot against Bears last week so likely to be out of the game against Cowboys. As it stands, it’s not looking great for the Packers. Opposite to Packers in the fact they have a short week between games, the Cowboys have just come off a loss to Rams (who by the way, had a nice long rest between games, so who knows, this could do the Packers a favour!). The Cowboys have key injuries too and this showed in their game against the Rams too. Ultimately, I think it’ll be a close game and difficult to call a straight winner – it could go either way by a small number of points. Packers: 1-6, Cowboys: 1-6.


Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans

This game is another I’ve really been looking forward to as the leagues two leading rookies (Kansas City Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt and Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson) hit the field. The Chiefs hit the road to the NRG Stadium in Texas to face the Houston Texans and right now they are 4-0, sitting undefeated after a last-minute win against the Washington Redskins on Monday, but can they continue their success this weekend? I sure hope so! I think this’ll be an exciting game to watch, and close between both sides but I hope to see the Chiefs continue their undefeated record and take the win. Chiefs: 1-6.


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