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How to play our NBA Point Margin Pools


At Colossus we are always trying to offer up new sports to our customers – and now we are pleased to announce the arrival of NBA ‘Point Margin’ pools.

Throughout the weeks we will be offering regular £25,000 pick 5 point margin pools. Here is how you fill out your coupon.

Pick the margin of victory

You will need to pick within a range of points that you believe will be the margin of your selection’s victory (the ‘Point Margin’). For example, if you believe the Hawks will beat the Celtics, but only by a slim margin, you should pick the Hawks winning by the lowest margins available which would be between 1-4 points. If you can’t decide which team is going to win or what the winning margin will be by, then you have the option to pick multiple margins.



If you pick the correct point margin in every leg, then you will win the £25,000 Jackpot or a share of it if there are other winning units in the pool.

What if the game ends in a tie?

If at the end of four quarters the teams are tied, we will be keeping the pool and selections in play until a winner is declared in the overtime periods.


In-between legs (if no games are in-play), you may be presented with a Cash-Out offer depending on whether your ticket is still live for the win or consolation prizes.


How to Play our NBA Point Margin Pools


NBA Syndicates betting will be available for the 2017 season. Joining a Syndicate couldn’t be simpler.

Consider yourself an NBA buff?

Have a go at creating a Syndicate. You’ll have to fund the first 10% of the total cost of the ticket, but if it’s fully funded then you will receive a rebate of 5% of the total cost of the ticket in the following week!

There it is!

We wish you the very best of luck. Head over to to get involved now!

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