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Colossus Bets is the home of the Worlds Biggest Sports Jackpot!

Colossus Syndicates

Colossus Bets is the home of Colossus Syndicates!

Colossus Syndicates allows you to crowdfund your way to big jackpots by allowing you to create a ticket which other players can contribute towards.

Crowdfund your way to huge jackpots using Colossus Syndicates here!


Play free bets for real money into our pools with real money Cash Out and payouts!

Our new flexible FreePlay puts you in charge as it allows you to choose which pool to play your FreePlay into!

You can find out about how to play your FreePlay into a Colossus pool

Big Jackpots

Colossus Bets pools have huge jackpots on offer!

Our Pick 6 pool has a £1,000,000 jackpot and our Pick 7 has a £5,000,000 jackpot!

You can play for these huge jackpots on Colossus Bets at!

Cash Out

Our pools allow you to Cash Out between legs of our pools for real money!

Make use of our partial Cash Out and Cash Out a portion of your ticket into our pool and still be playing for some of the jackpot


For those near misses in our jackpots pools, we have consolation prizes on offer!


Pools on numerous sports on offer

Colossus Bets runs pools on multiple sports including: football, American Football, tennis and basketball!