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A Week of Pick 15 Syndicate Action


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Only one place to start!

As you know if you have seen my recent blogs I have had a little piece on a few captains to keep an eye on each week and this week I’m going to start with that. There’s only one captain I can mention, and that’s BBtipster! Just two months ago, he won with his Pick 15 Syndicate and this week, lightning has struck again! He has once again landed the Pick 15 with a Syndicate, after a series of well timed Cash Outs he ended up with over £21,000 for the Syndicate! I’m pretty sure everyone who was on board was over the moon and, judging by twitter after Fulham beat derby to land the final game, the who internet was talking about it! Maybe in future tweets we can all add the #BeColossus and maybe try and get it trending, which would be pretty cool. Remember the more people who play on Colossus, the bigger the jackpots will be! The more people who play and hear about Colossus, the more chance you have of selling out Syndicates, so spread the word out there and #BeColossus…


My Pick 15 Syndicate hits consolations

Now, as someone who dreams of winning the Pick 15, I know how difficult it is. I sailed through Saturday’s games with a lot of help from a last minute Monaco penalty. Unfortunately, Swansea didn’t realise that all they had to do was win at home to relegated Stoke and my dreams were gone like that… Luckily I had also made some Cash Outs and in the last two weeks I have gone 12 & 13 out of 15. Maybe we’re getting closer and I’ll be more than happy to skip the 14 out of 15 and go straight for the jackpot this week!

But, even though I was not on this particular BBtipster Syndicate, I was cheering him and his followers on and that’s what is great about everyone on Twitter as they are always offering ideas and tips. We’ll always cheer you on and even though in my own bet I had Atlanta to win at home to AC Milan and it would have meant my ticket could have ended up 14 out of 15, I was actually cheering on the draw for BBtipster! My jackpot dreams were already over, so I was cheering on a situation in which I would win less money. But, like I said, that’s what’s great about Colossus, even though most of us have never met yet, we still cheer each other on and hope everyone does well.

So, this week I think you should give BBtipster a follow on twitter and keep an eye on his Syndicates, as I’m sure he would love to be a hat-trick winner of the Pick 15!


Coming Up

Now with the World Cup starting in one month, I will write about some teams I like plus some underdogs to keep an eye on. As during the World Cup there will be over £50 million up for grabs at Colossus, which is amazing! Week by week they keep getting better and bigger, so with the big jackpots coming up I think it’s best to look at some teams recent games and see if there are any shocks that could be on the cards once the World Cup Syndicates come out!

Also, if anyone out there has anything they would like me to include in future blogs or videos or you simply want a shout out, just let me know! I’m always open to ideas to keep moving forward and hopefully lightly entertaining you. So, if there is anything else you would like to see coming up just let me know on Twitter and tag me and Colossus.


Anyway have a great weekend everyone and lets hope I’m talking about some more jackpot winners next week!

Take care,



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