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It’s been another fantastic week for many punters playing our pools. Let’s get stuck into some of the best winners over the past week…

£2 into £13,096

The World Cup could not be better for this punter. They won a massive £13,096 – all from a one line ticket costing £2. They must have been feeling elated after the win!


4 Correct Scores scoops £12,336

A last gasp winner for Belgium meant this punter was able to nail 4 Correct Score selections! The ticket holder decided to cash out £102 for 20% of the ticket, before going on to win a huge £12,336.


BIG WIN! A £6 solo ticket returned £12,168

This punter, with a £6 ticket, managed to win £12,168. They correctly predicted all 4 games in a Pick 4 in which they only had single selections in 3 of the legs. Nacer Chadli’s last minute goal against Japan proved to be extremely valuable to this punter, as it helped to knock a huge amount of units out of the pool!


Solo ticket picks up £6,889

This punter covered multiple of selections in legs 1, 2 and 4 and had only one covered in the third. They collected a massive £6,889 with a from a £45 ticket.


£2,875 from a £48 Pick 8 ticket

This 1X2 Pick 8 proved to be a walk in the park for this player. They covered multiple selections in legs 3, 4, 5 and 6, but only had single selections in legs 1, 2, 7 and 8! A £48 ticket cost returned spectacular £2,875.

Visit to play our lotto-sized Jackpots. 18+

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